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You have arrived to AX Workout the modern age of fitness that utilizes the best research and tools to make burning fat, losing weight and building lean muscle to get in the best shape of your life simple. We have created a renowned and innovative fitness program designed for everyone and fit into any lifestyle to give fast and real results.

"We have created a program that provides the necessary tools to gives people exactly what they need to achieve their goal body."

More people are reaching their fitness goals by using a modern approach to fitness than ever before. We deliver a simple and straight forward program so you spend less time trying to figure out what and when you need to do what and just get started.

You will be starting the Ax Workout the same day you receive it and on your way to your fitness goals. This way you can stay positive and motivated while doing the program that you will stick with it to the end.


The Ax Workout is a 90 day fitness program with a complete diet and exercise schedule including important tools so you know exactly what you need to do and there is no time waisted on figuring it all out. We give you the foundation and tools where you can incorporate the workout and diet program into your lifestyle and make it work for you.

You will learn the key concepts of what to do so you will have confidence in your decisions and never second guess yourself which can sabotage you success. This is the one program that finally puts it all together in an easy and simple format to make creating a new routine as easy as possible. No one said working out would be easy but who said understanding it all should be.

We make each part of the program flexible so you can choose what is best for you. You can do the workouts in a gym and at home if you have some fitness equipment. You do not need to be sitting in front of a TV watching a DVD in your living room. You have the flexibility to listen to music while you workout to get you pumped to push through each workout... at a gym, at your home or even outside.

Take this opportunity to think about where you are and where you want to be and make a commitment to yourself that you will begin today to live a better life filled with more confidence. We challenge you to take the next step and reach your goal. In 90 days you will be a different person.

Once you receive the program, read through it and begin your journey to the new you. Follow each step to record your starting point and track your results all the way to the end. Once you complete the program we encourage you to send in your before and after picture so we can make you one of our success stories to prove to others that losing weight and getting fit is attainable.

In 90 days you will be a new person and able to go through life with more confidence to take on any new endeavor that enters your life. You know you can achieve this goal, prove it to yourself and others and take the AX Workout challenge.